Promote responsible dog mentoring and healthy lifestyle during a race.

Centro Canino de Alcaldía Magdalena Contreras and Centro de Transferencia Canina of the STC Metro, promote the adoption of ‘lomitos’, in the ‘Reto Dog Running Race 2021’.

With the participation of a total of 1,250 people, including 450 registered participants accompanied by their dogs, concluded the new edition of the ‘Reto Dog Running Race 2021’, which took place in Los Dinamos National Park, in Magdalena Contreras.

In the framework of the celebration of the race, the General Director of the project, Ing. Miguel Ángel Aguilar Martínez, recalled that after the 2018 and 2019 editions where more than two thousand runners participated with their ‘lomitos’, the 2021 edition had to limit its call derived from the pandemic by the Covid-19, but with great differentiators such as responsible tutoring.

“In this new adventure well perrona, the participants enjoyed a place in the open air, full of great emotions, obstacles and embankments for the geographical conditions, in addition to that interaction not only with the puppies, but with the nature, respecting health protocols at all times with the support of Mayor Magdalena Contreras, “said Aguilar Martínez.

For his part, the Medical Manager of PiSA Agropecuaria, Dr. José Ramón Fermín Contreras, explained that domestic animals such as dogs and cats have higher body temperatures than humans and do not have sweat glands on the surface of all their skin, However, through the pads of their legs, they produce transpiration that allows to decrease their temperature, as well as the wheezing exposing the tongue.

“In special conditions such as this type of racing, dogs suffer dehydration and the loss of fluids is greater than that which can be recovered with water consumption. Pet animals need rehydration tools, which allow the supplementation of electrolytes so that their body continues to carry out their tasks normally, “said Fermín Contreras, Veterinary Zootechnician (MVZ) graduate of the University of Guadalajara (UdeG).

In this context, José Ramón Fermín said that the main electrolytes lost during sweating are sodium, potassium and magnesium. Each of these, has a primary task in our body and in that of pets, ranging from muscle and nerve function, in addition to maintaining the same fluids inside and outside each of the cells.

“At PiSA Agropecuaria we developed a rehydrating drink for the dog, Electrodexǐ Dog, which contains the perfect balance of electrolytes and glucose, this last essential to help the correct transport of electrolytes and ideal to achieve rehydration after the heat season, physical activity and exercise, so we decided to support this event, “said Fermín Contreras, doctor specialist in pets.

Finally, Miguel Aguilar Martínez, who is also president of the Organizing Committee of CAN FEST MEXICO, explained that the events they head are promoting the figure of the Responsible Citizen Canine (CRC), on this occasion they joined the Canine Center of the Magdalena Contreras Mayor’s Office and the Canine Transfer Center of the Collective Transport System (STC) Metro.

“During this race, dozens of runners who did not take their puppies, participated with ‘lomitos’ in the process of adoption who were their companions in this great challenge, In this way, he was able to encourage responsible tutoring to find homes for the hairy ones who have been rescued from abandonment, “said the General Manager of the Dog Running Race, Aguilar Martínez.

What can we do to help pets be more comfortable and not take risks in hot season?

1. Keeping the coat in good condition, clean and brushed, this can be done at home with suitable tools and with professional stylists.

2. Provide areas of shade where you can lie down to cool off, and even material that helps you, such as blankets made of fresh fabric, such as cotton.

3. Hydrate our furry with fresh and clean water all day, protected from the sun’s rays and any impurities that might come into contact (soil, waste, excrement, etc.)

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