For several decades, in addition to producing our brand, at PiSA® Pharmaceutical we have the ability to meet the requirements of more than 20 national and international pharmaceutical companies ; we offer: better costs of manufacturing, higher production levels, release of its own resources for other purposes, coverage in maintenance or remodeling periods of its plants.

The Company is supported by avant-garde infrastructure and technology headed by a multidisciplinary team with extensive experience in the manufacture of different drugs, supplies and medical equipment, as well as in the development of comprehensive services, managing to serve important national and international companies among which are: AHCP (AMERICAN HEALTH CARE PRODUCTS), BAYER, BRULUAGSA, CHINOIN, AMSA, SIEGFRIED RHEIN, GRIMANN, CARNOT, SANOFI-AVENTIS, TELEFLEX MEDICAL, OPKCO PHARMACEUTICAS , among many others.

Certified quality

At PiSA® Pharmaceutical we have Certification ISO 9001-2015 , Certificate of Clean Industry and Socially Responsible Company (ESR). Our manufacturing plants comply with the Certificates of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), based on the guidelines of the regulatory authorities (Cofepris, INVIMA and FDA, Medical Devices), consolidating our work as a highly competitive under international standards.



Small volume parenteral solutions (1 mL to 100 mL) in glass or plastic ampoules and glass or plastic vials. Large volume parenteral solutions in plastic, glass and PVC bags, with a capacity of 250 ml to 6,000 ml.


Aseptic powder filling in glass vial container, from 100 mg to 4,000 mg.


Aseptic powder filling in glass vial container, from 100 mg to 4,000 mg in capsules and oral powders.


Lyophilized products in glass vial including areas for pharmacological and oncological drugs.

Dental cartridges

Anesthetics in plastic and glass dental cartridges.

Oral Forms

Tablets, capsules, caplets; (dry or wet route), lozenges (thin film coating), syrups, solutions and oral suspensions.


In glass vial and tablets.


Vials, liquids and lyophilisates.

Prefilled syringes.

One or two compartment cartridges (liquid or lyophilized).

Medical equipment.

Veterinary Products.

Maquila Contact

Injectables Manufacturing Plant and Offices:

Calle 7 No. 1840
Colonia Zona Industrial, C.P. 44940
Guadalajara, Jalisco, México.
Lada sin costo: 800 627-7150

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