Biocontainment in PiSA Agropecuaria guarantees security.

The company established a ‘Biocontainment Protocol’, for the reduction of risks, guaranteeing the safety of raw materials and imported products.

PiSA Agropecuaria has BPM Certificate for its plant in Jalisco.

The importance of health measures within the Mexican veterinary pharmaceutical industry, is becoming more relevant due to the increase of safety standards in food of animal origin and the import of raw materials and finished products from other parts of the world.

Biosafety is a fundamental element for livestock production units in Mexico and around the world. Animal health, closely linked to human well-being, is a complex issue with multiple scientific, economic and social dimensions.

According to the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE), biosecurity is the set of physical and management measures designed to reduce the risk of introduction, establishment and spread of animal diseases, infections or infestations from and within an animal population.

In July 2021, there were some cases of African swine fever in the Dominican Republic, and there had never been a report of this deadly disease in the Americas.

In this sense, the Mexican Association of Veterinary Specialists in Pigs, A.C., (AMVEC), African Swine Fever (PPA) is an exotic, viral, serious, highly contagious disease, whose mortality can reach 100% of the pigs on a farm.

Meanwhile, the Development Manager of PiSA Agropecuaria, Jonathan Borrego, said that the company has established unique programs in the country to reduce risks such as the ‘PiSA Biocontainment Protocol’, a traceable system through which the safety of imported raw materials and products is ensured.

“We have established systematized disinfections of primary and secondary containers and packaging both at customs and in laboratory warehouses, Materials free of polluting agents that will be part of the manufacturing process of veterinary pharmacists are delivered, which contributes to the process of Good Manufacturing Practices, “emphasized Borrego Borrego.

Finally, the Director of Plant Tlajomulco PiSA Agropecuaria, José Alonso Hernández Castillo, said that with the Biocontainment Protocol, PiSA Agropecuaria guarantees the livestock producer, the safety of its more than 260 products and is at the forefront of biosafety issues in the veterinary pharmaceutical industry, against PPA and other exotic viral diseases.

“The company has made a strong investment to have a plant with state-of-the-art technology, which contributes to safety and quality, because the goal is to maintain all standardized processes, so that products meet safety requirements and specifications”, said Hernández Castillo.

PiSA Agropecuaria y el Certificado BPM en la planta en Jalisco

In Mexico, Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certificates apply to ensure the quality, safety, and effectiveness of the manufacture of drugs, medicines, and medical devices that are marketed throughout the country.

In this context, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (SADER), through the National Service for Health, Safety and Quality (SENASICA), awarded PiSA Agropecuaria, Grupo PiSA business unit, the Certificate of Good Manufacturing Practices (BPM) for their plant in the Tlajomulco Industrial Complex where they manufacture veterinary products.

PiSA Agropecuaria is positioned as a reference in the veterinary sector by complying with the requirements established by the BPM Manuals for Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Biological Products for Animals, as well as Food Products for Animal Consumption.

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