About us?

PiSA® Pharmaceutical is a 100% Mexican company, with 77 years of history developing products and comprehensive services for the public and private health sectors in Mexico, the United States, and Latin America and the Caribbean.

For more than seven decades, the growth in PiSA® Pharmaceutical has been a constant thanks to its human capital. We are committed to excellence, aware that each of our actions and activities are to comply with our reason for being: “A Life at the Service of Life.”

In PiSA® Farmacéutica we diferentiate ourselves by our production capacity and extensive experience in the Mexican and Latin American markets. This is the main reason why we have been capable of setting our growth and international expansion standards.

We are a Corporate Socially Responsible (CSR). In so doing, we permanently commit ourselves to society, environment, our collaborators and their families.

PiSA® Farmacéutica is a Corporate Socially Responsible (CSR). We have maintained for 12 consecutive years the CSR Distinction of the Mexican Center for Philanthropy (Cemefi) and we were recognized by Tops Mexico within the ranking of “The best Socially Responsible Companies in Mexico” .


We are a Group of Responsible, Reliable, Ethical Companies, with a vocation for service; committed to their collaborators and health.


Permanence through innovation and accelerated growth in Mexico and abroad.

Our History

We started when Professor Miguel Álvarez Ochoa decided to manufacture 10 pediatric products; a new line in the pharmaceutical industry. Prescriptions consisted, those days, in dose fragments and fractions of pills for children. With the help of the medical doctors Luis Farah Mata, Francisco Ruiz Sánchez, Alfredo Zepeda Camarena, Roberto Ibarra Montoya, Benito Gutiérrez, Alejandro Ramírez, and the professor Luis Medina Gutiérrez, the company started its operations and succeeded in the community acceptance of its products.

They establish their first specialized facilities far the elaboration of Pediatric Products, at España Avenue No. 1840, Moderna, in Guadalajara, Jalisco. Actual headquarters of Grupo PiSA®.

PiSA® Farmacéutica is the first company to develop and introduce oral rehydration solutions to the Mexican market.

lnauguration of the Great Volume Parenteral Solutions Production Plant located at Calle 7 of the Industrial Zone in Guadalajara, Jalisco.

Inauguration of the Betalactam Products Plant in Guadalajara, Jalisco.

First pharmaceutical laboratory in Latin-America to install 'BOSCH' technology for aseptic filling in glass ampules.

First company to offer within the Mexican market the most complete line of Parenteral Artificial Nutrition.

  • It starts the production of FLEXOVAL® the container made of polyethylene for parenteral large volume solutions. Using this same technology PiSA® starts the production of plastic ampoules and becomes the largests manufacturer of both types of products in Mexican market.

First Mexican manufacturar of ambulatory peritoneal dyalisis.

  • The new Cephalosporin Antibiotics and Penicillin Antibiotics Plant is inaugurated in Guadalajara, Jalisco. First to develop and operate a network of Mixing Centers in Mexico. PiSA® Agropecuaria begins operations.

First laboratory in the Latin American pharmaceutical industry to adopt the LIMS System (Laboratory Information Management System). PiSA® Pharmaceutical of Colombia begins operations.

PiSA® Pharmaceutical obtains the ISO 9001 certification by the AFAQ (French Association far the Assurance of Quality] in all their installations. The oncological production plan opens in Mexico, D.F.


A new PyMPSA® production plant is opened, specialized in the manufacturing of healing materials and equipment. Star of operations at PiSA® Farmacéutica El Salvador and PiSA® Farmacéutica Guatemala.

First company in Mexico to install a BOSCH Une far aseptic filling in glass ampules with "isolator technology".

The Hormonal Production plant starts its operations in the city of Guadalajara for the production of tablets, injectable solutions and optical, ophthalmologic and injectable suspensions.

Galia Textil is awarded with ISO 9002 certification, by the US ABF Quality Evaluation.

Inicia operaciones PiSA® Farmacéutica de Panamá.

PiSA® Pharmaceutical s awarded with the Clean Industry Certificate garanted to all its production plants.

PiSA® Pharmaceutical obtains ISO 9001:2000 certification, by the AENOR (Spanish Association for Standardization and Certification).

SANEFRO® , Nephrology Integral Services starts its operation. PiSA enters to the Northamerican market.

PiSA® Pharmaceutical incorporates its new institutional image for prescription products.

PiSA® Pharmaceutical innovates, develops and launches the first electro-medical equipment for Automated Peritoneal dialysis, PD PACIFICA® ,considered by CONACYT as an important innovation in the field of Mexican nephrology. "LEAN" phylosophy is integrated to PyMPSA® and PiSA® Pharmaceutical production plants.

A new production plant starts its operations in the municipality of Tlajomulco, Jalisco with a first stage dedicated to the manufacture of dialysis solutions.

A new methodology is initiated to develop a rapid method in sterilization far injectable products (RMM) and the isolation technology; therewith, Mexico becomes the first country in Latinamerica applying this state-of-the-art technology in its sector. Tlajomulco Production plant starts its second operation stage. Tlajomulco starts the production of plastic (polyethylene) ampoules. Electrolit® is relaunched with a new modern and dynamic image. Grupo PiSA® is awarded as a Social Responsible Company (ESR-as abbreviated in Spanish), by Cemefi in Mexico City. Frorn then and until these days, severa! activities and processes have continued to prevailance.

The second stage of the Tlajomulco plant begins operations. Production of plastic (polyethylene) ampoules begins in Tlajomulco. Electrolit® is relaunched with a modern and dynamic image. PiSA® Pharmaceutical acquires the Socially Responsible Company (ESR) certification by Cemefi.

The Biotechnological Production Plant -PiSA® BIOTEC starts its operations at the Industrial zone.

Electrolit® operation line starts Tlajomulco. The 3rd operation line of peritoneal dialysis bags starts in Tlajomulco. Two FLEXOVAL ® 1000 mi (Blow-Fill-Seal) operalions lines start in Tlajomulco. The 1st operation line of soild torms (uncoated tablets) starts in Tlajomulco. The 1st operation line ot Lyophylized Vials (non-oncologic, 1 si Lyophilizer) starts in Tlajomulco.

The Production Plant for the Conditioning ot Own Brand Products starts its operation in Tlajomulco. The 1st operation line for Polypropylene Ampoules (diluents) starts operations. The 2nd operation line for Solid Forms (uncoated tablets) starts in Tlajomulco. The Pilot Production plant (development products) starts in the Industrial Zone.

2014 PyMPSA® succestully implemented the Operative Excellency Culture with the Shingo Silver award. The 1st operation line of FLEXOVAL® 100 ml (Blow-Fill-Seal) starts in Tlajomulco. The 2nd operation line ot Electrolit® starts in Tlajomulco. Two operation line of lyophylized vials (non-oncologic, 2nd and 3rd lyophilizer) start in Tlajornulco.

PiSA® Farmacéutica is 70 years old. The 3rd operation line of solid forms (coated tablets) starts in Tlajomulco. The 4th operalion line of solid forms (uncoated tablets) starts in Tlajomulco. The National Distribution Center starts its operations in Tlajomulco. Two operation lines of peritoneal dialysis (4th and 5th) start in Tlajomulco. The 1st Cephalosporins operation line starts in the Industrial Zone Plant.

Inicia operaciones el Centro de Distribución Nacional (CDN) en Tlajomulco.

Se inaugura la Planta de Suplementos Alimenticios Bodylogic en Tlajomulco.

PiSA® Pharmaceutical celebrates 75 years of history in the Mexican and Latin American market and reaffirms its commitment to families to continue producing quality, safe and effective drugs. Construction begins on two new Oncology and Immunosuppressant plants with High Containment and Digital Integration (High Containmen and Digital Integration), with technology: High Containment, Pharma Digital and Pharma 4.0. Currently, Grupo PiSA® has 16 production plants throughout Mexico.

Our Quality

PiSA® Farmacéutica is a company dedicated to the manufacture, marketing and distribution of medicines and medical devices in the treatment of a wide range of health, to mention, among others, nephrology, infectology, anesthesiology, etc.

At PiSA® Farmacéutica we work daily to keep current Good Manufacturing Practices in the Life Cycle of our products, through our team of collaborators and cutting-edge technology used in all processes, so that they meet the profile of quality, safety and efficacy established by the Health Authorities through the laws, regulations, standards and technical-scientific guides.

Policy of quality

PiSA® Pharmaceutical is committed to:

  • Fulfillment of our customers’ requirements to get them satisfied.
  • Fulfillment of enforceable legal, normative and regulatory requirements.
  • Care for environment.
  • Continuous improvement of our management system throughout setting and reviewing objectives.
  • Optimizing the use of resources.


PiSA® Farmacéutica has the scope of having the Certifications granted by the Ministries of Health at home and abroad, as well as organizations of international pharmaceutical recognition:

Our Companies