Support is channeled to those affected in Tabasco in collaboration with the DIF and the State Red Cross

  • A total of 142,560 pieces of rehydrating serum will be delivered to the DIF Tabasco State System and another 95,040 bottles to the Municipal DIF of Macuspana, the latter considered to be the most affected by the rising of the Grijalva River. 
  • A total of 118,800 units of serum will go to the Mexican Red Cross Delegation of Tabasco. 

A total of 356,400 pieces of medical grade rehydrating serum will be donated by PiSA® Farmacéutica and Electrolit® to the Mexican Red Cross Tabasco Delegation and to the DIF State System in that entity, with the objective of being delivered to the people affected by the floods after the overflowing of the Grijalva River, which has affected colonies in the municipalities of Macuspana and Villahermosa, Tabasco. 

The 356,400 pieces of Electrolit® and Solural, both brands of serum that contain glucose and electrolytes, will be transported in a total of 7 boxes of trailers, each containing 36 pallets and transferred from the National Distribution Center in Guadalajara, Jalisco; to Villahermosa, Tabasco. 

The National Manager for Promotion and Events of the Electrolit® brand, Óscar Taquechi Reveles Caballero, explained that there is an evaluation and immediate reaction program at Grupo PiSA®, to support in emergency and contingency situations in the face of natural disasters. 

“At PiSA® Farmacéutica and Electrolit® we monitor what is happening in the country, particularly in the areas where we maintain operations. There are periods in the year where we have already identified natural events and others are fortuitous events. So we assess the needs and act, always thinking of helping the population and vulnerable groups, contributing to our highest priority: health. In the case of Tabasco, we will be attentive if it is necessary to send more units of medical grade serums,” explained Reveles Caballero. 

PiSA® Farmacéutica, hand in hand with Electrolit® and in collaboration with TV Azteca Social, allocated a total of 118,800 pieces of rehydrating serum to the Tabasco Delegation of the Mexican Red Cross; 142,560 bottles to the State DIF Tabasco and another 95,040 pieces of serum to the Municipal DIF of Macuspana, considered the most affected municipality by the rising of the Grijalva River. 

In addition to this support, PiSA® Farmacéutica and Electrolit® have donated 160,000 pieces of serum to the DIF Systems of the states of Quintana Roo and Yucatán, with the aim of contributing to hydration work in vulnerable communities affected by the passage of the Hurricanes “Delta” and “Zeta”, which affected the Mexican Caribbean and southeast of the country. These actions are part of the “Oleada de Hidratación” program and the #ApoyoTotal initiative. 

Finally, it is important to highlight that PiSA® Farmacéutica is a Socially Responsible Company that collaborates with more than 300 social organizations through Fundación PiSA® Stella Vega, in addition to the alignment of their social responsibility activities to 4 of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals: Zero Hunger (related to addressing poverty), Health & Wellness Environment, and Alliances to Achieve the UN Goals. 

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