PISA as the base core, is integrated by 14 manufacturing sites, in which 17 specialty lines are produced and holding the biggest products portfolio in its sector, including 1,500 brands such as Electrolit, being the group symbol and of which, today, a total of 250 million units is produced what means that we are selling more than one Electrolit per Mexican.

PiSA Farmacéutica is integrated by a commercial structure of more than 1,300 representatives, performs visits to more than one million doctors and nurses, attends to more than than 1,500 government medical centers and to more than 1,600 private hospitals. Besides, it directly assists to more than than 11,500 dialysis patients at home and at hospital summing approximately more than three million medicine units delivered to patients suffering chronic renal failure disease.

Different tasks are implemented in PiSArelated to its pharmaceutical and biotechnological products; we evaluate the stability, the development and the validation of the analytical methods; we prepare the technical dossiers and the technology transmissions, among many other duties.