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Grupo PiSA® Infrastructure 2016

Since our beginnings, more than seventy years ago, our founder, Professor Don Miguel Álvarez Ochoa, laid the elements of a strong infrastructure that is still enhancing the construction and projects of clear objectives, full of effort and dedications; Talent is our force to a constant innovation.

Productos Infantiles, S.A., became PiSA Farmacéutica; a company dedicated to the manufacture, commercialization and distribution of medicines, medical equipment and healing materials, as well as, to the development of integrated services.

The success of our projects has demanded thousands of hours to plan and develop; investments, risks and a continuous attention to small details that have been transformed in a larger than 250 thousand square meters infrastructure where 14 industrial sites, 5 warehouses, 11 platform crossings, and more than 18,000 thousand employees have established.

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PISA Nephrology: Our Quality

PISA Farmacéutica ventured 15 years ago in the Nephrology field. Since then, we have developed our own products line for those patients suffering renal failure, in view to guarantee them a quality and integral treatment. This is the origin of SANEFROin 2004, dedicated to the hemodialysis areas and permanently committed to our patients. Since that date, we have consolidated as a quality service company to assist Nephrofatic patients.