Our quality

We in PiSA Farmacéutica are always focused to the highest Quality Standards in Pharmaceutical Quality, since we are aware of it to be one of the most important functions in the sector production and control. Therefore, we are dedicated to equip and to verify the Good Manufacturing Practices as well as to test all the bulk materials, raw materials and finished products.

We are committed in the compliance of our products, sites and services of the Industry Official Rules and Norms, the Manuals of Clinical Practice, among others, as well as the Health Regulations established by Law and the Legal Frame in force.
PiSA Farmacéutica has been awarded with the following certifications: ISO 9001:2008issued by the company AENORand IQNET, and with the insignia of the “Clean Industry”.
As from 2008, PiSA has included the “LEAN” Working Philosophy at our Sites of Plastics and Raw Materials and Small and Big Injectable Products.


We are a Responsible Holding Group, trustable, ethic, Serviceable and committed to our Collaborators and Health.


Our Permanence through the Accelerated Innovation and Growth, in Mexico and abroad.

Quality Policies

We are a 100% Mexican company, dedicated to the manufacture, commercialization and distribution of medicines, medical equipment and healing materials; committed to:

1. The accomplishment of our customer requirements to satisfy their needs and achievements.

2. The fulfillment of all legal rules, norms and applicable regulations.

3. The preservation of the Environment.

4. The continual improvement of our Administration Systems through the stipulation and review of objectives.

5. The optimization in the use of sources.