Our History

February 1945

PiSAis a Mexican companythat was formed in 1945 by Professor Don Miguel Álvarez Ochoa, our Founder and along with his collaborators and brilliant professionals dedicated to the health sector formed Productos Infantiles, S.A., PiSA, towards to respond to those times Medicines need, specially a design and formulation to satisfy the requirements of the Mexican Children.

Our founder Prof. Miguel Alvarez Ochoa

Productos Infantiles, S.A. is born.

PiSA started the production of more than ten and different medicines, mainly dedicated to the children´s health: INFRAFEN, drops treatment to attach childhood cramps; INFALGINA, analgesic and antipyretic drops; as well as INFANEUMIL, cough syrup, among other and well accepted.

Beginnings of Pisa

Quality, Effort and Growth

The supervision during those days was personally practiced by Professor Alvarez Ochoa, who was dedicated to the attention to all processes, as from the purchase of raw materials and production materials and until their warehousing, distribution, commercialization and sale.

As a continuance to its academic knowledge and practical expertise in the pharmaceutical industry activities in Mexico, Don Miguel Álvarez Ochoa stipulated the Quality to be the first and most strict condition in the products manufacture.

The Growth was the successful result from the great effort, work, knowledge and abilities of all those who collaborated in the company Productos Infantiles, S.A., a solid growth that pushed to a transformation ten years later; PiSA became Laboratorios PiSA, S.A. de C.V.

First formulations
First products
Productos Infantiles S.A.

“A Life Servicing to Life”…

Seven decades later and counting on a staff formed by more than 18 thousand employees, PiSA Farmacéutica has consolidated as the Mexican pharmaceutical leader company, through our prestige and by the confidence of Medical doctors, nurses, institutions and patients; offering the manufacture of top quality products and in compliance of the domestic and international pharmaceutical norms, always holding a consistent young spirit in the innovation, improvement, growth and expansion.

First manufactures of Electrolit