PiSA Distribution is based upon an Integral Logistic System formed by 5 warehouses throughout the country and 11 Platform crossings strategically located, what helps to distribute during the first 24 hoursthe orders from public and private entities everywhere inside the country of Mexico.

Our Transport Fleet is formed by more than 250 units of different tons characteristics, available to supply to our final consumers; besides, we are installed to receive more than 100 transportation vehicles daily, achieving the existence of a huge distribution network throughout all Mexico and to export to the United States, and some other countries of Central and South America.

We count on installed facilities dedicated exclusively to the handling of pharmaceutical products, to the warehousing activities and to the distribution of cold controlled production through SAP – World class warehousing administration system (WMS), and through RoadNet – leader route planning software (UPS).

PiSA supplies commodities based on a material-batch location control system, supported by radiofrequency terminals, urgent delivery handling and own and exclusive transportation units shipping for the distribution of medicines.