Contract Manufacturing

Since integrated by more than 18,000 direct employees and 14 manufacturing sites, we have accomplished more than 72 years offering substantial and reliable services. We serve to more than 20 pharmaceutical companies, domestically and internationally offering them: More attractive manufacturing costs, higher production levels, the application of their own sources to other purposes, and maintenance or restoration periods developed in their sites.

We are supported by a wide experience in the manufacture of different medicines and medical equipment offered to several domestic and international customers, mainly among; AHCP (AMERICAN HEALTH CARE PRODUCTS), BAYER, BRULUAGSA, CHINOIN, AMSA, SIEGFRIED RHEIN, GRIMANN, CARNOT, SANOFI-AVENTIS, TELEFLEX MEDICAL, OPKCO PHARMACEUTICAS, ETC.

We have been awarded with the Certification of Quality ISO 9001-2008 and the ESR Certification of “Clean Industry”. Our manufacturing sites comply with the Good Manufacturing Practices norms before COFEPRIS & INVIMA and the FDA (Medical Devices) what consolidates us as a high competitive company accordingly to the international standards.

We count on the sufficient production capacity at our sites to satisfy the business opportunity of your company:

INJECTABLE SUBSTANCES:small volume parenteral substances (1ml a 100 ml) in glass or plastic ampoules and glass or plastic vials. Large volume plastic, glass and PVC bag parenteral substances of 250 ml to 6,000 ml volume. PENICILINICS: aseptic powder filling, of 100 mg to 4,000 mg volume. CEPHALOSPORINS: aseptic powder filling in glass vial, of 100 mg to 4,000 mg. volume, Capsules and Oral Powder. LIOPHILIZATES: lyophilized products in glass vial including pharmaceutical and oncological medicines areas.

DENTAL CARTRIDGES: anesthetics in plastic or glass dental cartridges.
ORAL FORMS: tablets, capsules, caplets; (dry or wet via), pills (light film covering), syrups, oral substances and suspension.

IMMUNOSUPRESSANTS: in glass container and tablets. BIOTECHNOLOGY: vials, liquids and lyophilized; prefilled syringes; single/double-chamber cartridges (liquids or lyophilized). MEDICAL EQUIPMENT AND VETERINARY PRODUCTS.

We count as well on a Distribution network for the delivery of finished products at the principal cities in Mexico, Central and South America.

Manufacturing Site of Injectable Units and Maquila offices:

Calle 7 No. 1840
Zona Industrial C.P. 44940
Guadalajara, Jal., México.
International: 01 800 627 7150

More information:

QFB. Froylan Tejeda Leyva
Local Phone. (33) 36 79 77 56 / (33) 36 79 77 57