Business Units

PiSA Farmacéutica has formed during its trajectory a group of subsidiaries that respond to the commitment in benefit of Health and which satisfies the requirements of products and services that strengthens the company´s activities.

PiSA® Internacional

PiSA Farmacéutica vision is in growth and expansion, therefore, our products and services are placed in more than 15 countries around America, Europe and Asia, and fulfills the norms and quality stipulations of each of the countries.

Plásticos y Materias Primas S.A. de C.V.

PyMPSA es una empresa de nuestro Grupo dedicada al desarrollo y fabricación de equipos y dispositivos médicos, material de curación, ensambles y componentes para soluciones médico farmacéuticas, con tecnología de punta; al día de hoy exportamos a Canadá, Estados Unidos, El Caribe, la Unión Europea, Centro y Sudamérica; su producción anual alcanza los 500 millones de unidades.

PiSA® Agropecuaria S.A. de C.V.

PISA Agropecuaria has been established as the Principal veterinary-generic laboratory in Mexico and to date it has developed more than 256 products and 20 specialty lines in animal health.

SAFE® Centro de mezclas

We count on an integral capacity of individualized and specialized mixtures in parenteral nutrition, oncology and antibiotics. We have 18 facilities covering the domestic market and which operate under the concept of the specialized delivery Just in Time by distributing 3 million mixtures per year and what positioned us as Domestic Leaders in this sector as well.


Grupo PiSA is also involved in the Nephrology market, counting on 13 medical clinics of SANEFRO, which are specialized in the hemodialysis and medical assistance products and services for this item and in which and through a consistent service work we have achieved a index of growth equal to the 78%.

GALIA Textil

Formed as an Integrated Vertical Company, in Galia Textil we produce the cotton, as raw material and up to the confection of final product obtaining plaster bandages, medical gauzes and surgical kits.


MEDICOM supports the constant growth in the distribution and commercialization of the PiSA products line simultaneously to other known brands in the market. This company covers 3 thousand 500 products codes and 17 warehouses that supply to 3 thousand customers and executes 400 daily visits.



Bodylogic, is a part of the holding group and it is dedicated to the marketing network which offers a current catalogue formed by more than 100 natural products focused to the Nutrition, the Personal Spa, Aromatherapy and remodeling garments “Medical Reshape”, placed in Mexico, Bolivia, Panamá, Peru and El Salvador.


CAB Logistics

CAB LOGISTICS stands out for its growing, currently counting on 5 domestic warehouses and 11 platform crossings summing a total warehouse area of 150 thousand pallets of finished products, generating therefore, the movement of 350 transportation units to be shipped to final customers and receiving almost 100 transportation vehicles daily, thus, targeting a distribution network throughout Mexico and to export to the United States and to Central and South America.


PiSA® Biotec

PiSA Biotec is focused to impel the development of new bio-medicines destined to the treatment of chronic-degenerative diseases for what it counts on more than 45 professionals in biotechnology, bioprocesses and clinical research, as well as, 60 dedicated technicians and workers and a production capacity of 10 million units per year.


Farmacia la Paz®

A chain formed by 81 pharmacies, with 10 brand-new sites from last year and under the concept to be close to every customer.

AMSA® Laboratorios

AMSA Laboratorios is the highest quality standard domestic leader in the commercialization of generic drugs; its specialized facilities produce more than 25 million annual units of Oral Betalactamics.