About Us

Since the beginning, PiSA® has enjoyed constant growth thanks to its human capital. We are more than 18 thousand professionals committed with excellence, aware that each and every action and activity are done in favor of life. At PiSA®, we are recognized by our great production capability, and wide experience in Mexican and Latin-American markets. This has given us the opportunity to build the road to greater growth and international expansion.

PiSA® is a pharmaceutical company conceived to strategically design, from the idea of the project, to its crystallization in a wide-ranging product or service, as well as the delivery to the hands of the consumer. With the experience of a solid team, supported by infrastructure and technology, and through our capabilities in research, development, production, logistics, and distribution, we have been able to create the perfect formula to offer high quality products, supported by far-reaching laboratories with the ability to produce, in every single process, several known brands.

We host pharmaceutical development laboratories, in which new technologies are generated, analyzed and transformed, with the purpose of having great impact in the market. These laboratories help us respond to the high demand of products required by our customers and strategic partners. We are a Socially Responsible Company (ESR in Spanish); and we constantly confirm our permanent commitment to society, the environment, all workers and their families.

  • Active attitude in learning and teaching.
  • Know how to listen
  • Actively admits and corrects mistakes
  • Listens to others regardless of position
  • Treats everyone as they want to be treated
  • Shares success with their team

  • Being fair in acknowledging the good work and the poor work
  • Remembering to demand politely
  • Avoid favoritism
  • Respecting others’ time
  • Being fair in what others deserve

  • Sense in emergencies
  • Hunger for success
  • Wishes to grow
  • Find Solutions
  • Wishes for improvement
  • Optimism “Yes you can!”

  • Always says the truth objectively, completely, and without excuses
  • Cares for the information of the company
  • Reports negative practices and behaviors
  • Doesn’t steal
  • Chooses what is best for the company

  • Facing the consequences of our actions
  • Complying our duties
  • Avoiding unreasonable absences
  • Reporting inadequate failures and behaviors
  • Taking self-care, avoiding accidents