About Us

PiSA® Farmacéutica is a 100% Mexican company with 75 years of history developing products and comprehensive services for the public and private health sectors in Mexico, United States, Latin America and the Caribbean.

For over 75 years, PiSA® Farmacéutica has been constantly growing due to its human capital. We are committed to excellence and aware about the fact that each of our actions and activities are to work for life

In PiSA® Farmacéutica we diferentiate ourselves by our production capacity and extensive experience in the Mexican and Latin American markets. This is the main reason why we have been capable of setting our growth and international expansion standards

Sixteen production plants are strategically located in Mexico. A multidisciplinary team of more than 20,000 employees, who manufacture around 1,500 brands of drugs integrated in a total of 17 specialty lines, is in charge of giving support to those plants.

We are a Corporate Socially Responsible (CSR). In so doing, we permanently commit ourselves to society, environment, our collaborators and their families.



  • Being available to learn and teach
  • Knowing how to listen
  • Acknowledging mistake
  • Treating clients and suppliers unostentatiously
  • Treating others the way you would like to be treated
  • Achievements team sharing

  • Giving fair recognition to those who work and to those who do not work
  • Knowing that stringency does not enter into conflict with good treatment
  • Avoiding favoritism
  • Considering everybody’s time
  • Giving each person his du

  • Having a sense of urgency
  • Being hunger for self-improvement
  • Being willing for growing and improvin
  • Finding solutions
  • Having forward thinking
  • Going after the “Yes, you can!”

  • Telling always the truth on an objective and complete basis, as well as without justifications
  • Looking after the company information
  • Having the duty for reporting bad practices and behaviors
  • Not wasting time on woriking schedule
  • Choosing the best for the company

  • Being responsible for the consequences of our actions
  • Doing what needs to be done
  • Avoiding missing for unjustified reasons
  • Report failures and inappropriate behaviors
  • Taking care of yourself in order to avoid accident